Wednesday, 10 October 2007

welcome to activ people

This is the first post for activ people on and it has been an interesting day having attended a meeting this morning and truly launching activ people to the public. If the question is the start of the business the first time we have been involved in something like this before the answer is resounding no and later on yoou will eventually get the whole story.

I have been developing this business over the past 20 years with varying degrees of success, to the point that I have developed a better understanding of my own capabilities and where I fit into the world.

Which is where the story all starts. About 20 years ago I was made redundant from a rather good career in the electronics sector, a manufacturing industry that is much in decline in the UK. At which point I had to decide on a way forward.

In the meantime I took up a McJob, since my belief is that a job and almost any job is good for the soul. It set me off on a journey of discovery.

Having read a number of self help books and articles on sales and marketing I decided that this was the direction for me and the rest they say is history.

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