Thursday, 11 October 2007

Launch of Activ People in the community

With 20 years of experience in developing businesses and in particular the creation of employment businesses means that we are developing the duplication concept of enabling organisations and individuals to generate income through the work they already do.

As many organisations have employment outputs to achieve this opportunity supports the achievement of those outcomes by proactively sourcing employment from targeted employers for job ready clients or providing work experience for those that aren't in some cases.

Employers are now very used to the need to use an employment agency for both permanent and contract recruitment. Managed correctly contract recruitment with support through caching and mentoring can lead to a permanent position as we found at the Turning Corners project developed for the Marsh Farm Community Development Trust. All community organisations and charities are doing is moving into this market as a social enterprise with the support of a back office support organisation.

The team at activ people have experience of setting up new location offices, careers guidance, project management, the further and higher education sector enabling them to give a comprehensive package of support all for a small monthly fee. For more information contact Richard at for more information.

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