Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Building Communities Fund for Social Enterprises

The meeting that I talked about initially in my first post for activ people was to launch the Building Communities Fund which is to support the development of social enterprises in the eastern region. Photo: Michelle Rigby - CEO SEEE (left) , Andrew Robinson - Quirk Review (right)

It enables third sector organisations to develop a feasibility study on the viability of acquiring an asset that is currently held in private or public hands for the good of the local communities that they wish to serve.

But more importantly it enables those organisations the opportunity to utilise that asset to create a surplus or profit which will support their social aims. Whether that is to help with the care of individuals, education, business incubation. The list recipients is endless as well as the enterprises used to create the surplus.

The point is for those organisations to make a profit rather than having to rely always on Grant funding. For more information visit or the SEEE website

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