Monday, 15 October 2007

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Friday, 12 October 2007

Are you the same as the next man, Henry Ford thought not.

All Fords are exactly alike, but no two men are just alike. Every new life is a new thing under the sun; there has never been anything just like it before, never will be again. A young man ought to get that idea about himself; he should look for the single spark of individuality that makes him different from other folks, and develop that for all he is worth. Society and schools may try to iron it out of him; their tendency is to put it all in the same mold, but I say don't let that spark be lost; it is your only real claim to importance.

Henry Ford

If you think you can do a thing can or you think you can't do a thing, you're right.

Having attended a Micro Coaches session today with a group of great people who are all achieving great things in their respective areas and intending to keep on doing this across the East of England.

It reminded me of the quotes of Henry Ford. Very often the only thing that is stopping us achieve our goals and our dreams is ourselves. Whatever your view is on Henry Ford, he managed to achieve greatness through sheer determination and hard work. More importantly he totally believed in his ability to one day achieve his dreams.

It also gave me the opportunity to share my sons story of when his school suggested the write a story and produce a drawing of their "Future Life". He decided that he wanted at the age f seven to become an accountant and professional golfer.

Before you say he probably won't make it, I don't know. There is no pressure for him to achieve it especially since he decided that at age 7 and he is now aged 9. What I do know that it has given him a direction and a goal to reach for. He works hard at his maths because he believes that it will help him in the future, he has quizzed his uncle who is a chartered accountant and asked us to get him golf clubs for Xmas last. He now regularly has golf lessons to improve his game. prompting me to consider taking it up.

Whether he actually reaches his goal is of no consequence it will be the journey and the process that he will have gained. In fact he may surpass his goal and do something that better suits his personality later in life.

It is something that we all need to look at and try and establish. What are our plans for our future lives?